The Switch games I am tempted to pick up lately...

I have definitely started playing on my Nintendo Switch a lot more and honestly so has Liam surprisingly. We are certainly still lacking in games for the handheld device though and it would be great if we could add some games that we know we are going to love playing into the collection to give it a bit of variety as the main theme of games at the moment seems to be Pokemon. I think by having more of a variety of games we will end up playing on the consoles a whole lot more than we currently do and I think it will just create a nice change of pace to the games we already play on the Switch, PS5 and Xbox Series X. There aren't too many brand new releases jumping out at me at the moment but due to me neglecting the Switch in the past there are still some fantastic older games I need to pick up at long last. Today's post is going to be all about those games that I would love top purchase in the very near future for the Switch and here are the games that made the cut...

Switch Sports

Wii Sports is one of my all time favourite games strangely as I just loved coming home from school and playing the likes of tennis and bowling on the console, plus at family gatherings this game was always brought out and provided plenty of hours of fun and competition between the family members. As soon as Switch Sports was announced I knew I was going to want to pick it up to relive those moments but this time on the Switch and I really can't wait to finally get my hands on it as I am sure it will end up providing plenty of hours of competition between me and Liam. 

Mario Strikers Battle League

I am on countdown for picking up this game as it combines two of my favourite things, football and Mario, plus the nephew has mentioned wanting to play a Mario football game for quite a while now so I am sure we will end up playing this together quite a bit. This is another game I put a lot of hours into whilst growing up playing on the Wii. I am that excited for this game I already know it is going to be the first one purchased from this list and no doubt it will become one of my most played Switch games very quickly. 

Mario Kart 8 

Somehow I have owned a Switch since 2018 and I still haven't picked up a copy of Mario Kart 8. I am definitely surprised that I haven't picked it up yet but to be honest the price is what puts me off a bit, why can't it just drop down in price? I definitely miss playing Mario Kart though as it was one of my favourites whilst I was growing up so I need to add this to our Switch collection soon. The nephew always points this one out too so it would be great to get it and play it with him.

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga

I was originally going to get this on release day however, I had a bad experience with the Lego Incredibles so have been putting off this purchase until it drops in price a bit just in case I can't get into it. I know Liam wants this game too so maybe if I do get it then we will both end up playing it but for now I am just waiting for that price drop. I wasn't sure if I should get it for the PS5 or Xbox but after thinking about it the Switch might be a better choice as I can play it on the go and we don't have any Lego games for the console yet. 

Mario Golf Super Rush

Golf games aren't usually ones I plan on picking up but from what I have seen of Mario Golf Super Rush it looks like a fantastic game that would be perfect for just relaxing with for an hour or so. It looks easy to jump in and out of and like the perfect change to the games I am currently playing. Again this one could be fun to play with Liam or our nephew but it also looks great to play alone, but again I just wish it would reduce down in price a little bit. 

Life is Strange True Colours

Yes I have already played through and completed this on the PS5 but honestly it wouldn't hurt to play through it again on the Switch would it with how good the game actually is. I absolutely love the Life is Strange games so I think I could happily say I would replay them on every console if I could (probably will at some point) this game would definitely be a perfect pace for just relaxing with whilst away or in the car for a long period of time. Maybe I will pick this up before the year ends. 

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the duelist

I don't remember the last time I played a Yu-Gi-Oh! game but I know that when I did play them I absolutely loved them. This franchise was a big part of my childhood and I actually miss it so much so that I am planning on purchase the cards again and re-watching every series possible so this game could be the perfect addition to my game collection. Plus it isn't that badly priced either and I know I will get my money worth with how often I will end up playing it. I think this might be the start of me getting hooked on Yu-Gi-Oh! once again. 

YouTubers Life 2

I was going to get the first one of these games but never got around to it however, after watching some bits on YouTube about this game I am really tempted to purchase the 2nd game in the series as it looks surprisingly good. I think if I do end up getting this game though I could end up putting far too many hours into it and totally neglecting other games so fingers crossed that doesn't happen as I have a backlog I need to get through. 

Nickelodeon All Star Brawl

This is a game that I was going to get around Christmas time last year but as my backlog was growing and I had a lack of time for gaming I just didn't bother with it. Now it has dropped in price though and I am actually tempted to pick it up for the Switch rather than the PS5 as I think by getting it on the Switch I will end up playing it much more often. Again it is a game that I could easily end up putting hours into with my nephew whilst playing as some of my favourite childhood cartoon characters. 

Fingers crossed we can get the Switch collection really growing over the rest of this year as we are really enjoying playing on the console once again. I definitely need to keep an eye out on the new releases for the remainder of the year too as I think we could end up finding some new games to fall in love with rather than sticking to the same style over and over again. Let's hope things go to plan and you start seeing some reviews of these games featured on the blog in the near future. 

What Switch games are you looking forward to picking up soon? 

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