Brothers : A tale of two sons (PC)


Back at the end of this year I had a bit of money on my Steam account when I was recommended Brothers : A Tale of Two Sons, a game I hadn't heard much about before but it was only a few pounds so I thought I would pick it up and see what it was all about. Now that I have completed the game looking back I am glad I only paid a few pounds for it as for all the stress it caused at times I wouldn't have been happy if I had paid full price for it. Don't get me wrong the game itself isn't too bad but it isn't the game I would typically go for and honestly I don't think I will get any more like it in a hurry unless they are very cheap like this one was, it just wasn't my type of game in the end and I couldn't wait to get it out of my backlog. 

The game is a 3rd person one that follows two brothers on a journey to save their ill father, there is very little instruction on what to do throughout this game so I ended up doing a fair bit of exploring to see what I actually needed to do but in the end I was getting a bit fed up with not knowing what to do and just with how long the game was taking so referred to a walk through guide just to speed the play through up a little bit. Once I had referred to the guide the play through definitely sped up and I was able to make plenty of progress in a short space of time which was definitely needed for me.

The actual play through should only have taken a few hours for me, 4 hours maximum however, this wasn't the case for my time with the game at all. There were a few reasons why it took me so long to complete this game and one of those reasons was the fact the game just kept on randomly crashing and taking me back to the start of that chapter, this made the play through twice as long at times and it was a nightmare having to go back and do things I had already done even though I was keeping up with saves throughout playing. Another reason was thanks to my gaming laptop, it is starting to slow down now and it just struggled to keep up with the game which meant it was over heating, crashing and just slowing right down. During playing the game I often just gave up and turned the laptop off as I was getting fed up of the issues then I wouldn't go back to it for weeks which meant the game was in my backlog for longer than needed, I just wish I could have done one straight play through like I wanted to and should have been able to do. 

I also had a few issues with the camera angle during my time with this game as at times as it just wouldn't focus on what I needed it to and was on a bit miles away which was no benefit at all. It also zoomed right in at times too which again was no help as it was never zoomed in on the part I needed it to be. The game came out in 2013 so I don't really know what I expected with the graphics and with them being on my laptop I knew it would be different to if I was playing it on one of my consoles and to be honest graphically it didn't look too bad, yes it looked pretty basic at most points but with it being from 2013 and so cheap I can't really complain, in fact the graphics were probably one of my favourite parts of the game in the end. 

Keyboard controls are not something I am used to as I tend to stick to playing on consoles these days and I threw myself into the deep end with this game as I was having to control 2 characters on two seperate sides of the keyboards for the entirety of the game and WOW it was a struggle at times just thanks to me not being used to the keyboard. Liam actually came in to help me at some points as I was starting to struggle holding all the keys down and making the next move whilst holding onto the other character and move that one. The controls were simple enough but as I just explained they were annoying at times maybe if I had played on the PC a bit more though this would have been a bit easier as I would be used to where my hands needed to be but I guess we will never know that now. I found myself getting a bit bored a bit too as audio wise there wasn't much going on other than the occasionally noises from the characters which led to me just sticking my own music on in the background which is something I don't really like doing when playing games. 

I am glad I didn't pay full price for this and only paid a few pounds as I feel like I have got my monies worth from what I have played and I don't think I would have gone anywhere near it at full price. This certainly wasn't my favourite game and I was very tempted a fair few times to just give up on it and not go back but I am glad I have got through it and got it out of my backlog. If this is your type of game I think you would love it but for me I don't think I will be playing anything like it again in a hurry. 

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