FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Pack Opening #1

Well I think it is safe to say that this post has been a very long time coming, FIFA 22 came out back in October and for a change I got it a few days after its release day because for once I didn't feel like I desperately needed to play it as soon as it came out. Since owning it I haven't actually played it that much either as I have either been working through my backlog games or I just simply haven't had the time to sit down and game. Even though I have had very little time on the game though I have managed to get some packs opened and here is what I have unpacked so far... 

My first pack has to be one of my favourites as I actually managed to unpack a Manchester United player. I will be honest Luke Shaw is one of my favourite United players so he was placed straight into my team and the team as you will see later is actually based around him. It was nice to see Leicester's Barnes in the pack as well as Chris Smalling as with the team idea I had in mind these would prove to be very useful. 

This second pack though I wasn't too impressed with at first but the more I looked at it I notcied with the amount of Spanish players I had gained it would help me set up an objectives team or just a second team nicely. Plus it has McGinn in it who at 78 rated isn't too badly rated and could help my team out a bit with him playing at an English club. 

Again this pack was one that didn't really appeal to me apart from Aarons who plays for Norwich and is yet another English player, he could definitely help my team out as for the rest of the players though they are just going to be filler players or objective swaps if it comes to it. 

I will be honest with this pack I wasn't right bothered at first but then I looked a little closer and realised that I had Norwich City's Pukki in the pack. Now he is a player who is definitely going to come in handy during my time on this game and I can't wait to get him added to my squad. 

So after a couple of games, initial packs for starting the game and some for going back to the game here is how my team is currently looking. To be honest I think this is the most put together team I have had at the start of a FIFA game and I am quite impressed with the players I am starting with. I just need to work on that rating. 

Here is how my substitute bench and reserves are looking too. This could definitely use a lot of work and I am definitely saving those loan players for later down the line but for now I am impressed with how things are looking but I will be planning on sitting down and sorting the bench out soon to make it even better. 

I am going to try get a FIFA post up every week showing what I have unpacked and how my team is progressing as in the past these have been some of my favourite posts to do. I am also going to stick to my guns and not spend any real money on building my team so any additions have to be from grinding through each rank weekly or bought from coins I have earned playing the game, this definitely makes playing the game more interesting to me. 

What does your FIFA Ultimate team currently look like? 

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