My gaming & geeky birthday wish list


My birthday is fast approaching and I might be turning 28 but when people have asked me what I want for my birthday you would think I was still a little kid... not that I am complaining though as I am only suggesting things that I really love or that could come in useful for the long run. I am trying to declutter the house at the moment so don't really add something that isn't going to be useful plus I am trying to cut back on pointless things and only buy what I am going to play or use for blogging purposes. Gaming time has been cut short and blogging takes priority these days so there is no point asking for a load of games that are going to sit gathering dust. So here are the geeky or tech related items that I have suggested to people or that I will be treating myself to... 

Mario Strikers

I honestly can't believe I haven't got this game yet, I was planning on getting it on release day but then it just never happened as other things took priority. I am really hoping to get my hands on a copy soon though as I know I am going to really enjoy playing this and to be honest I could see it easily becoming my most played game. 


I don't own any wireless headphones and with projects starting I could really do with a pair that are compatible with my Macbook. These would be used when I was recording podcasts, doing interviews for my football site and also just for relaxing with listening to music and watching YouTube. These are an item I will be treating myself to as I know they can be expensive but I am looking forward to finally having a pair that works properly. 

DJI Osmo 5

This is another item I am hoping to treat myself to for my birthday and it is certainly on the more expensive side but should be worth it in the long run. I am wanting this piece of tech for my blog content and social media content especially on the football and fashion side of things. This should help me take video footage a lot easier and create much smother looking reels in the long run. This has been recommended so many times so it is definitely about time I finally got one. 

Pokemon Funko

I have avoided the Pokemon Funko figures for a while but I think it is finally time to cave in and add one or two to my collection. I would love to add at least a Pikachu to my collection but I honestly love them all so who knows how many I would end up with in the end. You just can't beat a Funko figure these days.

Fifa 23

This comes out quite a bit after my birthday but I usually put any money I receive towards this game and this year is going to be no different. I am really looking forward to the release of this game as it finally has the women's league in the game, I know this is the only mode I will be playing and will probably spend too many hours trying to get Man City Women winning the league again. 

Gaming Chair

I am really hoping this one comes true as I am working on completing my perfect office set up and a nice comfortable chair is definitely missing from this at the moment I am sitting on a really uncomfortable chair so can't be in there as long as I like as it stresses me out. A gaming chair should help increase the hours I can spend at the desk and really help increase my productivity overall. 

A lot of these items I will be treating myself to as little birthday gifts to myself and I will be honest I really can't wait to get my hands on some of these items more than others, the bits that are really going to help with my blogging are definitely what I will be getting my hands on as I can't wait to take things up a gear across my sites. Now it is time to get saving before my birthday and for a little while after too.

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