October here and it is time to set a little challenge...

The weather is finally changing, and we are getting into that cold miserable where I really don't want to leave the house unless it is for football, this is some of my favourite weather though as there is nothing better than getting snuggled up in the games room and just playing games for hours. I am really hoping that this October I can get back into gaming like I used to as lately I haven't had time to play games and I have missed it a lot more than I thought I would, plus the backlog challenge isn't going too well and I want to change that for the remainder of the year. I am nowhere near the 10 games complete that I set myself at the start of the year but I am hoping this months little challenge is going to help me push towards the goal a bit more, if all goes to plan I will be very close to achieving it. 

The challenge for October fully fits in with the theme of the month too, with Halloween at the end of the month I have set myself a challenge to only play spooky games this month (with the exception of FIFA of course) and I am hoping that playing these spooky games helps shift some more games out of the backlog at last. I usually hate the spooky season as I get scared far too easily much to Liam's enjoyment but this year I am really trying to embrace the spooky season and what better way than playing some of those spooky games I haven't dared to play before. 

Over the course of the month I am really hoping to complete 4 games that have been sat in my backlog for a while but I am also planning on picking up a new game to finish the month off with if all goes to plan. The game that is going to kick start it all is Man of Medan, a game I got free with PS Plus a while ago, this is a game I have wanted to play for a while now and I am looking forward to getting started with it. Once that game is done I will be moving onto Lucius, this is a game I have had on the PC for far too long and I am really looking forward to sitting and playing through this one at long last, I don't think it should take too long either if the PC plays ball. Then it is going to back to the PlayStation to play some Little Nightmares, another free game I have wanted to try for a while now. I am 100% positive that if all goes to plan I can get these games completed and credits rolled on them in the month then comes the fun part... the 4th game now I haven't decided if I am going to finally complete Until Dawn, a game I have put off for far too long or if I want to treat me and Liam to The Quarry as we have had our eye on this game for a while. Either of these will definitely take the longest to complete so maybe the decision will be based on how long of the month is left or I might even put it to a poll on social media. Who knows though I might have time to complete all these games if everything goes to plan and I get a bit more gaming time than I expected. 

It is definitely time for me to start being brave and getting through these games as at the moment they are just sitting there gathering dust in most cases or uninstalled if they are downloaded games. It isn't like I am going to be alone when playing them either as Liam is always in the games room so he will be close by if I do get scared at any point. I am sure I wont be able to hear anything in the game either if he is sat laughing at me jumping every two minutes, I really do with I was like him and didn't get scared by this sort of stuff. 

This challenge should also give me the chance to play some PC games alongside PlayStation games too which will be a nice change as I need to start playing on the PC a whole lot more than I have been recently. Who knows it might leave me wanting to play on the PC a lot more often. It really should be a fun little challenge for the month that helps me get through more of the backlog for this year as I really need to start working towards that target of 10 games as I am seriously slacking at the moment thanks to life getting super busy.  If the challenge does go to plan I might have to do a few more little challenges throughout future months just to push me to complete more games than I have been doing. 

I definitely have a bit more time on my hands to game now and I really can't wait to just sit and play through all those little worlds I have yet to explore. It really is time to shift this backlog now. Make sure to keep checking Instagram and Twitter for our progress through this challenge and to be able to get involved in future game/challenge choices. Oh and keep an eye on here as those completed games will of course be getting reviewed.

What spooky games have you enjoyed playing in the past? 

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