What we are playing (30th September)


Well, the weekend is here and it is also the start of a new month, a month I am certainly looking forward to especially in terms of gaming as I have set myself a little challenge... to only play spooky games throughout the month. I am hoping this helps lower my backlog a bit and also helps get me in the mood for Halloween at the end of October. The games I am aiming to play start on Saturday and I am looking forward to seeing just how many I can get complete but then again FIFA has just been released and weekends are football heavy at the moment with the seasons in full swing. Both me and Liam are really hoping to get plenty of gaming done this weekend though and here is what we are hoping to play...


We have just picked up our copy of FIFA 23 so no doubt my Friday evening is going to be spend installing that and playing a few games, I am really looking forward to playing as some of my favourite female players this time around and seeing what I can do with them. On Saturday though my spooky challenge begins as we officially enter October, this means FIFA will become a game I just jump in and out of as I will be mainly focusing on completing Man of Medan. I have heard that this game doesn't actually take too long to complete though so who knows if I get that done, I might be able to move onto completing Lucius, which would be a fantastic start to my month of playing spooky games. I am really hoping this does go to plan as a lot of progress in clearing the backlog could be made throughout October.


The weekend is here and other than a trip to the Ice Hockey & Football I don' have anything to do which I am pretty happy about as lately weekends have been absolutely crazy. I will of course be playing plenty of World of Warcraft this weekend, but I am also planning on jumping into a bit more football manager. The majority of my time though is probably going to be spent playing through more of Crusader Kings 3. I do think most of my weekend though is going to be spent laughing at Lucy as I know she doesn't cope with anything scary so this monthly challenge is going to be hilarious to watch. 

So there you have it that is what we are planning on playing this weekend. Let's hope we can get this spooky challenge gets underway this weekend and possibly make a big chunk of progress in it as it should help keep the motivation going for the remainder of the month. I am determined to make October a month of gaming and get back to completing games at long last as this year really hasn't gone to plan so far, if the spooky challenge goes to plan though I can really start to claw back and really push for those 10 games complete this year. It is time to stop going out for the sake of it and time to sit and game instead.

What are you playing this weekend?

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