What we are playing (17th January)


Finally it is the weekend and it is safe to say this is one I have been looking forward to even if it is going to be yet another busy one. Granted we are actually only out of the house for the football on Saturday but the rest of the time is going to be filled up with jobs around the house and content creating as I really want to get ahead of myself. There are a fair few rooms I want to get decluttered over the course of Friday evening and Saturday whilst I am at home before and after the football. Then I want Sunday to be mainly filled with creating content for the blogs and social media so fingers crossed that all goes to plan. So if we do get the chance to play some games here is what we will be playing...


I will be 100% honest I don't think I will have much time at all to do any gaming as my main focus is on getting these jobs done in the house as they really need doing and I know if I just get on with them they won't take long at all. I also want a full day of being able to just sit down and get on with content as I am a little bit behind at the moment and I know a day at the PC will do me some good and I will be able to power on through a fair few posts and get plenty of social media content done too and that would definitely be beneficial for me in the long run as I have a lot coming up. If I do get chance to game though I will probably make a start on Murder on the Marine Express as this is a much less demanding game apparently and would be nice to switch off to. I could also use any breaks to get a bit further through Super Mario 3D World as again this isn't too demanding and would be a nice way to relax. 


Of course during the weekend I will be helping out with some jobs around the house however, I don' have half as much as Lucy planned so I am going to have much more free time to sit and play games. Of course I will be spending as much time a possible on World of Warcraft as usual but I will also be jumping in and out of Football Manager 23 as I am really getting back into playing that. I will also be playing more FIFA 23 as I have really been enjoying playing that recently and it has actually been nice just sitting and playing it again.

So there you have it at least one of us will be playing some games this weekend. Let's just hope it all goes to plan so we can get the jobs done we want to alongside getting as much content created as possible as it is all going to make life a lot easier over the next few weeks as things get a bit more hectic than they have already been.

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