What we are playing (24th February)


Ah finally the weekend and to be honest I think this week has gone quite quickly, just not really quick enough for me. It has once again been a busy week for me and luckily I have a full weekend at home however, it is going to be a bit of a busy one again as we are planning on decluttering as many rooms as possible from Friday evening through to Sunday evening and then of course I have all the usual blogging to do just to keep one step ahead. I am determined though that this isn't going to consume my full weekend and I am going to give myself the chance to step away from jobs & the PC to switch off and relax, the relaxing will come in the form of gaming which I am definitely missing so here is what we are hoping to play over the weekend...


As I said earlier it is going to be a busy weekend however, I am not letting myself get burnt out and fed up so I will be taking a step back at points over the course of the weekend just to sit down and relax with some games. My big aim is to get Murder on the Marine Express completed and out of the backlog and if all goes to plan that could be done by Saturday evening, so fingers crossed that works out in my favour. I will also be using some spare time just before be to just switch off and play through more Super Mario 3D World as I still haven't progressed any further in this game and I think it could be the perfect way just to switch off on a night and get my mind going a bit slower before finally calling it a night and going to sleep, that's what I love about the Switch I can just lay in bed to play my game rather than having to be in the games room. If I do get through Murder on the Marine Express keep an eye on social media as I will be doing a poll to see what I should be playing next. 


Luckily it is another weekend where I don't have too much to do as I will just be helping Lucy with the jobs around the house and then putting my football manager skills to the test by taking her on a football training session I have planned out. Once those tasks are done I have all the time in the world to sit and play games and I am looking forward to it as per usual. Of course most of my weekend is going to be spent playing World of Warcraft because is it really the weekend if the majority of my time isn't spent on there? I will also be jumping in and out of Football Manager 23 too as I am enjoying seeing just how far I can take my chosen team. I will also be jumping into a bit more FIFA 23 when Lucy isn't hogging the console set up. 

Let's hope everything goes to plan and we can both have a very productive weekend where we can tick off everything we need to as getting ahead of ourselves is key now, life is just getting busier and busier each week with no signs of slowing down at all. 

What are you playing this weekend?

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