Soko Bunny : Xbox


It has only taken until almost the end of February but I finally have the first game review of 2023 and it is definitely a different game to what I am used to. Back in December I won a competition where I received a code for the game Soko Bunny on the Xbox, now I will be honest I didn't have a clue about this game at all until I actually got it installed and got around to playing it. Usually if I don't know a single thing about a game especially a short one like this I would go in with a closed mind and already write the game off however, I don't know why but with this game I actually went in quite excited about what I could experience. 

Now this game is actually a puzzle game, definitely a type of game I would usually avoid at all costs as  I get so easily frustrated with anything that doesn't work the first or second time and it is why a lot of games that include a puzzle are sat in my backlog never to be played again. In this game you play as a bunny and the aim is to get the shipping boxes into their correct spot in the warehouse in as little moves as possible and in the shortest time as possible the catch, the boxes can only move 1 square at a time and in certain directions. Some levels were nice and simple where as other really did test my patience however, I pushed on through and this game actually ended up as my first completed game of the year and is now out of my backlog, making a good start to the 2023 backlog challenge I have set for myself. Originally I jumped head first into the game which was totally the wrong idea as I didn't have a clue on what the game was about and I definitely didn't know what the controls were or the actual aim of each level I was stuck. After 5 or 10 minutes of confusion though I found a training area and after just a few minutes in the training I realised that the couldn't actually have been much simpler and I was ready to finally tackle the games levels. 

I will be 100% I didn't expect to enjoy this game at all with it being a puzzle one however, in the end I ended up having so much fun although some points where very frustrating as the level looked so obvious however, it certainly wasn't and took a lot of trial and error. There were a few points where I was very tempted to quit the game through rage however, I stuck it out and actually managed to get through the levels after actually taking a step back and looking at the level more closely. I was quite lucky too as when I was really stuck I just passed the controller to Liam and he got me through any levels I was really struggling with. This is also a pretty quick game to complete with an average completion time of under 3 hours but I guess that time just depends on how good you are with puzzles because it definitely took me a whole lot longer than that to get through this game, I guess I just need to get better at puzzles ready for any future puzzle games I play. 

This game is definitely a very basic one but you will know from previous posts I honestly don't mind basic games at all plus with this being on the cheap side of the price scale I wasn't expecting it to be up to the same standards as I would expect from a game I purchase for £60. The sound is very basic but I actually wasn't paying too much attention to it as I knew it wasn't going to play a big part in the game, I just stuck my own music on or a podcast when I was playing through this game. As for the graphics they are really basic however, I have to say I think they are what made me enjoy the game even more as it made it even more different to my usual games where they are super high quality and very realistic. I actually enjoyed playing this game so much I think that I could see myself going back to play it again just randomly to get my brain ticking over and keeping on challenging myself.

My play-through of this game was definitely more enjoyable than I expected and to be honest it has opened my eyes up a little bit more to the kind of games I could be playing if I don't just stick to those big releases and actually broaden my horizons a bit more when it comes to gaming (when I have a bit more time to play games and buy new ones). SO that is game number 1 in the backlog challenge completed for 2023, the challenge is set at 10 games for the year so I really need to step things up a bit and get playing more games. Soko Bunny was definitely a great start though.

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