Let's give this another try shall we...


Well I think it is safe to say it has been a while since I have posted on here properly and consistently hasn't it. To be honest that has been to a number of different reasons, life just seemed to get very busy very quickly and I had to sacrifice something and unfortunately that ended up being this site. Last summer I don't think I had a single moment to sit down and game let alone write for the site and that was due to me spending a month travelling to watch the Euros and if I wasn't in a stadium watching it I was glued to the TV. This also meant an increase in writing for the football site too so my focus was 100% on that trying to build it up. Then because a summer of football wasn't enough I ended up signing up to a local football club which meant weekly training and games whilst also going to watch Manchester United Women. Throw in work and family time on top of all the football and free time just didn't exist and I got myself very, very close to burn out.

I was really hoping the I could turn this all around at the start of 2023 and really hit the ground running with gaming and creating content however, we made the decision to get ourselves a puppy. Don't get me wrong he is adorable and the best addition but it has been hard work getting him settled and we are having to have our eyes on him at all times at the moment so we barely watch TV or films at the moment let alone play games, which again meant the site was put on the back burner again. I didn't know when I was going to return to creating content and to be honest I hadn't really thought about it for a while, until I got an email a few weeks ago saying my domain was up for renewal. I am actually quite glad this came through as it got me thinking do I want to pay the money and continue with the site or do I just let it disappear. After quite a bit of thinking the decision was made and as you can see the domain was renewed and we are finally back. I am determined to put more time into this site now and there a few changes coming (which were definitely due) and somethings will be staying exactly as they were previously.

The first change is the new logo which you will have seen at the top of this post. The old logo I wasn't really feeling anymore so I thought why not create a new one ready for the site coming back. This is definitely more vibrant and livens up the posts and social media where I have been testing the new theme out a little already in the run up to the blog coming back.

There is also the plan of adding movies back into the mix as when I wrote about these in the past it was actually quite enjoyable and to be honest there is a lot coming out that I am really looking forward to watching, which hasn't happened in a while as releases have been hit and miss for me. I will definitely be watching more movies in the future so keep an eye out for review and posts about those films we can't wait to see along with possible top 5 or 10 posts which we used to love doing. 

Tech will also be coming back to the site, due to all my money going on football in the past year or so nothing new has been purchased but throughout the rest of 2023 I am hoping to change that. There are plenty of pieces that I want to pick up to improve the set up and to help with projects I am working on which should mean plenty of unboxings and of course wish lists for the pieces I really want to pick up. I am also aiming to do reviews of those bits I do pick up alongside trying to do some pieces on latest bits of tech news where possible, especially if it is to do with bits I am really looking forward to (no doubt Apple products). There will also be some fun day in the life posts coming with me using certain items of tech in my day to day life to show just how I benefit from owning them.

Of course though the big focus for the site is going to be gaming which I am 100% getting back into at the moment and am honestly loving having the controller in my hand again. One thing that is definitely staying the same is the what we are playing posts which will continue to be posted on a weekly basis every Friday, I love writing these little posts and can see just how long games are taking me to finish.  There will be gaming news posts as and when the time is write and if especially if it appeals to a game I like or want to play, this is somewhere I can jot down my thoughts. The recaps post gaming conference will also be returning as I have missed those. Of course the wish lists and top 5 or 10 posts will continue throughout the gaming category as they are some of my favourite posts to create. Just like with the tech category the wish list posts will be staying for the gaming category too and no doubt they will be more frequent than they have been recently.   

As for other content you can look forward to seeing the monthly new in posts will be returning as I am buying more games, tech, accessories and other things now. The geeky purchases are definitely creeping back into the monthly purchases so I am looking forward to sharing those once again. The monthly favourites will also be coming back too as these are posts that I love to look back on over time to see just how things have changed or if they have stayed the same. There will also be specific hauls posts coming to the site too as I am getting more and more into certain franchises I can easily see me visiting a fair few websites and picking up items to showcase my love for them, Pokemon I am looking at you here, the love has seriously been ignited lately.

Remember those times where I would create a challenge and fail it miserably well I was thinking maybe I could give a few of those challenges ago again or set myself other little ones to get me gaming more or even creating more in general. Only time will tell for which challenges I will be doing but I know for sure there will be a few coming before the end of 2023 and plenty more in the future. 

Alongside all this on the blog the aim is to be a lot more active on social media once more. Unfortunately with the lack of time I haven't been anywhere near as active on there as I would have liked to be so it is time for that to change so people can enjoy plenty of gaming and tech content on there daily. Gaming is definitely going to be the main focus on there though but I can easily say there will be plenty more posts than there has been in the past year. Who knows a TikTok might also be on its way too but I guess you will just have to wait and see for that. 

I am really hoping that with this love of gaming returning and this extra motivation for getting the site back up and running that you will all love the content that is getting posted once more. I am determined to level up the site for the remainder of this year and really improve on the content I am putting out there. Now lets see where this return takes us...

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