June (and a bit of the past few months) 2023 new in....

Well after a while of not making many geeky or gaming related purchase I have managed to pick up a few bits that I am actually pretty pleased with. To be honest the purchases stop as I fell out of love with that side of my life and honestly I wasn't going to be buying items for the sake of it like I used to. Recently though, with falling in love with that side of my life again and it is safe to say that is also being reflected in my purchase once more. So here are the geeky or gaming related things I have picked up recently...

As a kid I was absolutely obsessed with the Powerpuff girls so as soon as I saw this in Primark I knew I definitely had to buy it. I am loving all the Powerpuff girls items that are around at the moment so expect to see more when I finally find bits in my size which is proving a little bit difficult.

Back in April we went to see Paramore and I just couldn't help myself when it came to the merchandise table. Did I really need another baseball cap? Certainly not but I love this one and it is a good way to show my love for one of my favourite bands all summer long. 

Liam ended up getting a long sleeve top whilst we were at the concert too and the reason it is on my new in list is the fact we are now the same size due to my weight loss which means there is a 100% chance that I will be stealing this top. I was going to get one of these for myself but honestly we might as well just share.

I did pick up this t-shirt for myself from Paramore though as it was the design that caught my eye the most. I absolutely love the headbanging graphic and quote and I can safely say I am going to get my wear out of this all year round. I will be honest though this just made me want to go dig all my old Paramore clothing out of storage.

It has been a while since I picked up books that weren't in the young adult section but my Asda Rewards were piling up and were due to expire so I treated myself to two books from their 2 for £8 offer. I picked up How to kill your family which is a book that has been all over my Instagram lately and I also picked up 1st case by James Patterson who is one of my favourite authors so I hope I enjoy this one.

I had a few extra rewards to spend after getting the previous two books so I headed over to Asda's young adult section and picked up a few more books this time from their 2 for £7 offer. I have had my eye on these two Holly Jackson books for a while so which I technically wasn't spending a penny on them I thought I would pick them up and give them a try. Fingers crossed they live up to expectations and I actually enjoy them.

As soon as Leah Williamson announced she had a book coming out I knew it would be added to the women's football book collection even if it is aimed more towards kids. I pre-ordered the signed copy straight away and honestly I am looking forward to finally sitting down and having a read of this one.

Whilst we were on holiday at the start of the month I got a bit addicted to trying to win myself a baby Yoda soft toy in the amusements, after about £10 worth of tries Liam ended up just taking me to the nearby shop to buy me one to save me money and to make sure I didn't go home empty handed. I am so glad he did too as it means I finally have one in my soft toy collection and I absolutely love it.

I think I might be causing long term damage to my bank account with this purchase however, I am finally back to buying Pokemon cards. I ended up getting me and the nephew a tin each whilst we were on holiday and I can easily imagine this getting a little bit out of hand with packets being purchased thick and fast so get used to seeing those again.

Immortals Fenyx rising seems to have been on my wish list for a very long time but I have constantly put off buying it. I finally picked it up for the Switch though in preparation for an upcoming holiday. This was on an offer of 2 games for £20 so I really couldn't resist it and I know that this will keep me occupied for the upcoming long car journey.

Finally on the 2 for £20 offer I also picked up a copy of Assassin's Creed III Remastered. I have to say this is one of my favourite Assassin's Creed games so I am looking forward to being able to experience it once more but this time on the go. This is another game I am really looking forward to taking away with me as I think I could make some great progress through it. 

So there you have it the geeky/gaming purchases are back and no doubt we will see a few more in July. But for now let's give these new games a play & get those Pokemon cards open.

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