What we are playing (3rd March)


Ah the weekend again at last but I don't know why I am getting excited for it as I am really busy this weekend with football on Friday, Saturday and Sunday which is going to eat up most of my days. I guess we can't complain too much though as we both really enjoy our football and it is a pretty big game I am playing in on Friday. We also have a fair few jobs to get done on Saturday before we go watch the football so lets hope we get those ticked off with time to spare so our Sunday evening isn't spent catching up on things we've missed and we can actually have a bit of time to create content and more importantly play some games. So here is what we are hoping to have the chance to play...


I am really not expecting to play anything as life is super busy at the moment and with a weekend full of football there is not much free time for me to cram everything into. I need to do a lot of jobs around the house and I have a lot of content that needs to be created so that is going to be my main focus for the weekend as they are my biggest priorities these days. If I do get the chance though I will be playing a bit of Murder on the Marine Express on the Xbox, this should be a nice relaxing game for me to switch off to after those busy days. Let's hope I do find a little bit of time to do this. 


It really is going to be a much busier weekend than normal for us both and it is going to involve a lot of time out of the house so I think this weekend the only chance I am going to get to game is late on an evening rather than during the day like I usually would. If I do get the chance to game though I am going to try keep it simple with games I can easily jump in and out of in case I get pulled off to do something else. Of course this means plenty of time playing World of Warcraft as per usual then if I fancy a change I will be jumping in and out of Football Manager 23 as that is so easy to spend 15 mins to an hour on just jumping in and out. Honestly though I don't think much gaming will be taking place.

So there you have it that is what we are hoping to play this weekend if we actually get the chance however, gaming isn't a priority this weekend it is a case of getting jobs done and creating content for a change. It is time for a productive weekend.

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