This week #1

This week has definitely been a good one. Tegan and Sara finally announced their European tour dates for 2017 and I managed to get tickets for both Manchester and Birmingham.

I am surprised that I have also gotten so into blogging again and am having so much fun doing so. I have also begun Christmas shopping just so any money next pay day I can treat myself with.

This week I have.

Been watching : I watched the Rocky Horror show for the first time and it wasn't too bad. I have also been trying to catch up on Once upon a time.

Been reading : I have mainly been reading IGN this week but am hoping to start Rise of the Horde properly next week.

Been playing : I am hooked on Fantasy life so have been racking up a lot of time on this all whilst playing Fifa 17 too.

Been listening to : I am still not over seeing Nickelback so that has been on repeat alongside a mix of Tegan and Sara and Shura.

So there you have it that's my week. How has your week been?

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