Top 3 albums at the moment

It has become rare that I listen to anything other than every single Tegan and Sara song. But these 3 albums are the ones I currently have on repeat.

Lucy Spraggan - I hope you don't mind me writing 

I have loved Lucy ever since I first saw her audition on the X-factor. I think this may have already become one of my favourite albums of hers. Two of my favourite songs on this album are Dear You and Loaded Gun. I may do a full review on this post someday.

Tegan and Sara - Love you to death

Of course Tegan and Sara are on this list as this album is seriously addictive. The upbeat songs are perfect for just relaxing to or even driving around. I am can honestly say Tegan and Sara are one of those bands I will never get sick of. My two favourites on this album are BWU and Hang on to the night.

Stormzy - Gang signs & prayer

This is all thanks to my little sister getting me back into this type of music. I was that used to listening to his music over and over that I went and got the album and now I can't get enough. Who knows there may even be a review of this up soon. My two favourites on this are Lay me bare and Big for your boots.

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