Things to do in 2017

I know we are already 4 months into 2017 but I thought today I would let you all know what I am hoping to do this year in terms of gaming and the blog.

Setups / Room / Games

I am hoping to complete at least half of my PS4 games and a couple of Xbox ones. I have had some games since I got the consoles and am yet to even install them.

I am also hoping to sort out my setup and make it look a lot tidier. Another thing for this year is I want to get my controller collection up and running, just because I can then game with family again. Plus some of the new controllers look great. In addition to the controllers I really want to save and invest in a new headset for each console as my turtle beaches just aren't cutting it lately.

I want to get my PC setup completed this year too. This will involve a new gaming chair, speakers, monitor and possibly even begin to save for a new PC actually capable of running games. It is also on my list to get a Switch, more collectables, gaming gear and accessories this year, Hopefully by the end of the year my room will look completely different.


In 2017 I want to make sure I am blogging as much as possible with as much different content as possible. Hopefully this year I can bring on more sponsors and strike up some partnerships with developers etc. This may even include me bringing out my own merch in the future for you guys such as hoodies etc as part of giveaways or for general sale.
I also want to try grow the blog and branch into different things such as Twitch and YouTube once I get my setups sorted out. Maybe this year I may be able to get to some events too.

One of my main aims this year is to gain more friends within the gaming / game blogging community and possibly even meet some of you guys this year.

Just a quick reminder the blog is now in the following places:

See you all later


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