New logo's

 Hey guys, so the day is finally here I have got some new logo's and my domain is in full working order. I am so excited for this as it makes the whole thing look a lot more professional and my own. 

So here are the designs...

Keep an eye out for these on all our social media pages. I am also hoping that my schedule will resume back to a post a day as I have got back into my gaming a lot over the past few weeks. 

Also as you may have noticed posts can now be found on specific pages, therefore if you only come here for gaming just click on the page and all the posts are in one handy place.

Our sponsors page is still been constantly updated with new sponsors coming on board so if your company is interested in being a part of this get in touch at or over on our twitter (linked below).

So there you have it that is just a few of the things happening, hopefully there will be some more updates for you all in the near future.

See you later,

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