WWE 2K17 1st Impression

It hasn't just been me wasting my time on this game, Liam has also spent a lot of time on it. Not too bad to say he told me not to get it haha. At £25.00 this game was quite a bargain to say how much I am enjoying it so far. 

Sometimes the game can feel quite clunky and it feels like it is ignoring what buttons you press. The counter is currently driving me crazy you press it and it says too late so next time you press it a bit faster then you are too fast. Other than that it has been spot on so far. 

I am also quite enjoying the look of the game and the characteristics of each wrestler. One annoying this thing is the fact that before you start the match in say an nxt tournament, you have to listen to the theme twice as the game loads. However the music in the back when you are between games is spot on. 

Overall I am quite enjoying the game and can't wait to continue my campaign.

Have you played the game?

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