The Courtneys @ Headrow House

I was first introduced to The Courtneys by Tegan and Sara, I gave them a listen and became hooked. They are a band made up of Jen, Sydney and Courtney and come from Canada. So obviously when I saw they were coming to Leeds I just had to get tickets. At only £7 a ticket I couldn't believe how cheap the gig was, it isn't often you can go see a great band at such a low price. 

Now The Courtneys aren't very well known in the UK yet but I am hoping they really take off soon as they deserve it. I wasn't expecting to see such a small crowd (although there hasn't been much promo here for them so it was slightly expected) but the crowd not been huge gave the gig that intimate feeling. Even with the few sound issues they were having I can't fault them. 

The best way to describe their sound is pop however I believe they have a hint of the 80's sound mixed in. Some of my favourite songs that were played last night were Country Song, Virgo and Lost Boy's. But their discography is definitely one to check out (maybe this will be a future post). The girls are lovely too they stayed after the gig to sell merch, talk to us all and I even managed to get a few pics with them.

 I can't wait to see them again, in the mean time check out their YouTube, twitter and give their music a listen. If you do listen let me know what you think. 

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