July Wishlist

I am honestly trying to be good and save money. Out of Junes Pay I have been pretty good and have begun budgeting myself, which means my saving for both living and getting my gaming laptop are steadily increasing. 

However there are some bits I am hoping to treat myself to throughout this month. Here are the main things I am after....

 I have had my eye on this tracer pop for ages now. At around £10.00 the prices really isn't that bad plus it will look great with my gaming stuff.

 As soon as I saw the crash pin set I wanted it. However I held off buying it, but after playing the game since release day I really want to add this to my room. The crate design looks great and the pins look amazing.

I have had just the one controller for the PS4 since I got it now, but would love to be able to play games with other people in the house and Liam. I really want the red one as my second Xbox controller is red so it will match, plus I really fancy a change from the plain black one. 

Now I am hoping to get back into blogging even when I am out and about and also wanting to get into my photography again, I think a tech accessory bag like this one would come in very handy. It has space to store any cables I will require / memory cards & USB sticks. It will be great to keep everything in order in one specific place. I am also hoping to get a few more memory cards so I have a card for specific things. 

So there you have it that is what I am hoping to get this month. Is there anything you are hoping to pick up?

See you later,

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