Sega Megadrive

I managed to get hold of the Sega Megadrive for my dad as his fathers day gift. 

It is through playing Sonic on this system I got into gaming, so for £49.99 I think it is a bargain. It has 80 games pre-loaded however as you can see in the second image you can put cartridges in. You also get 2 controllers that use infrared. Unfortunately the only issue I had with this is that you literally have to keep the controller pointing at the system or the slightest direction away will stop the controller working.

It's super small and lightweight and with minimal wires it easy to transport from room to room. As I said this was my dads gift, sitting with him for a few hours the other night while we took it turns playing Sonic and it just brought back so many great memories. I actually struggled to get my dad to give me a turn,  he was also delighted he was better than me for a change. 

I can see the system bringing us both closer together as it is something we can do together that doesn't involve going to the gym or spending money.

I am really looking forward to giving street fighter a go on this too as I am ashamed to say it is something I have never played before, but looks quite interesting for me.

Another plus side is for some reason it doesn't work on the TV downstairs so the only other TV is in my room meaning I really am getting my money worth.

I think for Christmas he will be receiving the Atari. Have you tried either of these systems before let me know.

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