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Gaming set up

My console set up at the moment is terrible. My Xbox and PS4 are just dumped on tiny shelves with wires all tangled under the unit. The bottom 2 shelves are just full of junk that I had nowhere else to store it. Games and controllers are running out of space on the top, headsets are nowhere to be seen and the PS2 and Megadrive are dumped. My 360 and PS3 are up in storage as there is no space for them and the games. Wires are just left hanging which if I am honest I really can't stand. 

So here are just a few things that I want to make my console set up a lot better.

These controller mounts are only £4 on Etsy and they do them for both Xbox and PlayStation, I am hoping to get a few of these to put up next to my TV so I always have a space where the controller is meant to be. Currently once the console is turned off the controller just gets put on the floor which really needs to stop. I am also hoping to get a couple of mounts for my headsets so they are all together.

A shelf is also on the list of what is needed as I am running out of space to keep my growing game collection. I am hoping to get a couple of shelves to keep Xbox and PlayStation games separate. 

Once the games are out of the way I think the Xbox One and PS4 will go on top of the unit with the Pops and the Tsum Tsums will be removed to somewhere else just to tidy it up a bit.

Cable management is also something that I need to look into and hopefully get sorted soon just to make it look cleaner. Older consoles will be put into storage with the 360 and PS3 meaning that a little more space is opened up on the shelves. I think that the shelves will then just hold any accessories and figures from my games such Lego Dimensions.

An Xbox One X is also hopefully going to be added to the set up as I am really getting sick of my original Xbox one at the moment. It crashes constantly, makes so much noise when not running and doesn't like to read disks or eject them. I have lost count of the amount of times it has nearly gone out of the window lately.

To go with the new Xbox I also want to upgrade my TV. My current TV is around 6 years old and to get the most out of a new Xbox I really want the 4K element so a new TV will be pretty essential for that. They aren't really that badly priced either as they are starting to be reduced pretty cheap in sales especially with it coming up to Christmas.

So that's my current set up and how I want to change it. What does your set up currently look like? Let me know.

See you all later


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