Halsey : Hopeless Fountain Kingdom

Hopeless Fountain Kingdom is Halsey's second studio album and was released back in June 2017. I fell in love with Halsey back when her single New Americana was released which led me to go on and buy her album Badlands not just on CD but also on Vinyl so I could experience it both ways. Badlands told a story not only with the lyrics in her songs but also with the music videos to suit the songs which all played out the Badlands story.

As soon as I heard of the second album been recorded I was excited to listen to another story and watch a new set of videos play out the albums scene. Once I heard Now or Never that was it I was hooked and the story of the whole Romeo and Juliet forbidden love was heavily present in the video for this which is why I wasn't surprised when the album came out and prologue (Halsey reading the prologue of Romeo and Juliet) kicked off the album. I instantly fell in love with the album and it is currently sitting as my top played on iTunes. The whole album sounds just like the tale of a young star who is unable to find love / settle down due to travelling and the pressure of their lifestyle.  

Some of my favourite songs off the album that follow the whole hopeless in love theme are :

Sorry - 'Sorry that I can't believe, that anybody really starts to fall in love with me'

Bad at love - 'You were the one that could finally fix me looking at my history I'm bad at love'

Alone - 'I know you're dying to meet me, but I can just tell you this, as soon as you meet me baby you'll wish that you never did'

I would highly recommend giving this album a listen if you fancy listening to something different. I am hoping that in the future Halsey will start getting the recognition she deserves especially over here in the UK, and I hope she tours over here soon.

So there you have it those are my favourite songs from this Halsey album and I can't wait for album number 3. Do you like Halsey? If so let me know what you think to this album.

See you all later
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