Fifa 18 : First impressions

Since its release I have played Fifa 18 a little bit too much. I have completed 6 women's tournaments and begun my manager career as the manager of Bradford City. So far the game is brilliant I am loving the graphics once again, the women really do look like they do in real life. 

The game itself is much more realistic movements are slicker and the goalkeepers are much better as their movement is much more realistic. Crowd reaction and commentary also seems a lot better this year, it also feels more realistic and seems to fit a lot better compared to previous years.

Shooting wise it could still be worked on to make it more realistic. Long distance shots just seem to fly in which realistically doesn't happen every game, also acrobatic shots don't tend to go in as much as they do in the game.

A great addition is the pitches actually getting cut up. It just adds that little extra to the game, the game can change due to surface change and once again it makes it more realistic as the pitch is never the same at the end of the game as it is at the beginning. Quick subs also make the game flow a lot better as you aren't having to go into the pause menu to make every single change. Also it recommends pretty good and relevant changes some that you may not usually decide on your own.

I am also loving the little negotiation scenes you get whilst discussing transfers and loans. How often would you see the likes of Jose Mourinho in the Bradford City office discussing a loan deal for a young striker. It is also great how you play out the whole discussion from initial offer to either signing or declining the contract or loan.

Once again I am loving the mini games that make load times that much better. It is great having a little challenge instead of just sitting around waiting. So many other games could take note of this and include something similar. 

I really should try keep off this for a little and try playing through my other games but for some reason I just keep getting dragged in.

So that's what I think so far. Have you played it? What do you think?

See you all later
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