Gaming day/night essentials

 It has been a while now since I have actually just sat and had a full gaming night. This is because I have either been in the gym or just been stupidly busy. A full gaming day has also been out of the question as I have constantly been working or any days off I have had I have been out and about. I still have a few days holiday left to take from work before Christmas which will be all gaming and a few nights where I am not planning on doing anything other than game.

I aren't easily focused so gaming nights normally end up with me playing for a few hours then ending up watching YouTube but if I am wanting to get through my backlog this needs to change. So I am going to start having a night a week dedicated to gaming and my day off on the 20th will also be just gaming.  To keep it a perfect night/ day there are some essentials I have always had for previous long gaming sessions and here they are....

 Good choice of games
As you can see from the picture above I have a good choice of both Xbox and PS4 games that I am wanting to get through. I usually just go for Fifa but as I am trying to get through my backlog, I am going to try stick to a couple of different games during the day / night. I can't stick to just one game for a full day solid so I think the day on the 20th will consist of a good solid amount of hours on a PS4 game then the rest of it on the Xbox. Although if I aren't getting the enjoyment out of a game I will probably stick as long as I can but then switch it around a bit.

I love drinking the X-gamer energy drinks and you can see my review of one of their flavours here. I have found it does in fact increase my focus on the gaming session and also tastes really great. If it is a day session I will usually have a few powerades throughout the day and a few coffees. If it is a night gaming session then a bottle of lager or a whisky will be thrown into the mix.

This is mainly chocolate / sweets / popcorn for me throughout the day. Not exactly the healthiest but definitely one of the tastiest. I used to have Doritos too however my controller was getting far too messy after them so I tend to stick to none messy foods.

Gaming glasses
I did a review on my Hex gaming glasses here. They work so good it has been super helpful to me. I have to wear glasses all the time as my eyes constantly strain so looking at things like games for so long can really effect them and cause really bad headaches. These glasses have eliminated that and I can actually spend a lot longer than usual playing games.

Comfy clothing

This is one of the main things for me. Whilst sat around I have to feel comfy, especially whilst gaming for long periods/ lounging around. I have found the best things for me to feel comfy in are the awesome pj sets that Primark have to offer and their lounge pants. I don't know what it is but they are perfect. I don't even wear tracksuit bottoms around the house like I used to. My perfect pair at the moment are these Pikachu ones as they aren't to thin and aren't too thick. I honestly think I would wear these to work if I could get away with it.

Those are my essentials for the perfect gaming day / night what are yours?

See you all later
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