September 2020 New In

Compared to August I have managed to really keep on track with my spending. For a change there has been no major purchase however, I think the big contributing factor to this was that my birthday was at the start of the month. To be honest there just hasn't been much out there that I have wanted to pick up although I have currently made a list of future items I want to pick up. So here is what I picked up in September...

I managed to get another Christmas present sorted for my nephew in September. I have decided if I see items I like for presents I am just going to get them instead of waiting around. He loves Toy Story so for £14.99 I picked him up this walking Buzz Lightyear which to be honest I think I might be more excited for. Now do I try to find more characters or getting him something else? 

Primark were selling off these Jurassic Park t-shirts for just £3 so I wasn't leaving it behind. I think I am going to be getting plenty of wear out of this especially whilst lounging around the house which seems to be the only thing I do lately. 

It seems to be difficult here in the UK to find Xbox clothing for adults, or at least I have found it difficult to find so as soon as I saw this Xbox t-shirt in Primark I wasn't leaving it behind. I have plenty of PlayStation clothing so really it was only a matter of time until I finally added something Xbox. Nice and simple in design it is definitely going to end up being worn for plenty of gaming sessions. 

Finally technically not a purchase however, thanks to being a Spotify Premium member I got the Google Nest Mini for free. I had actually been wanting on of these for a while but never got around to picking one up so this has certainly saved me some money.

 I was also kindly gifted 2 new games from publishers this month and I am in the process of reviewing those games so keep checking back to see what they were as I am pretty excited about them. So that is what I picked up in September, let's hope that I can keep October's new in list to a minimum too. 

What's your favourite item on this list? 

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