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I am hoping that within the next year or so when me and Liam have our own place, with a games room and have sorted our money out etc that I can get my setups sorted out for both my PC and Consoles. You can see my wishlist for my consoles here, however this post is all about what I am hoping to have my PC set up like. So here is what I am hoping to get.

At the moment I am just using a small black desk from Ikea, which was around £30 a few years ago. The issue with this desk is that it is actually pretty small. It just about has space for my monitor, controller and speakers. I am hoping to add a new monitor to the set up so I could use a little more space.

I just have a basic desktop PC at the moment and even though I now have a gaming laptop I would also love a gaming desktop, I would even use this to get some blogging done.

Monitor and Speakers
As I said when talking about the desk I am hoping to add a second monitor. I have wanted to do this for a while now and having a bigger space may make it a lot easier. I also want new speakers, we aren't sure if mine are broke or if my sound card in my PC has gone. I am going to check using Liam's speakers first and if it is just a case of broken speakers I will be buying new. 

I work as part of a sales team at the moment and actually sit in a gaming chair, yet don't have one for gaming in. I have had my eye on a few different ones for a while now and it is just a case of finding the best one for me and one at an affordable price.

Mouse and Keyboard
I have always wanted a Razer keyboard and mouse but haven't ever had the money to buy one. I currently use an AFX keyboard and mouse, whilst these are actually really good for their price I think I will definitely be looking at upgrading. 

Headset and Controller
Similarly to the mouse and keyboard I am also looking at getting a Razer headset. I think I got my current Steelseries one back in 2014 and whilst it is great and does its job I would love to give a new one a go. Same with the controller, for the PC I just use an old Rockcandy 360 controller however there are some great wired Xbox One controllers out there now.

I know this is going to take me a while to build up but I really can't wait to have my own perfect PC gaming setup.

What is on your PC wishlist? Can you recommend any items for me?

See you soon
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