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I have got back into watching YouTube almost daily. If I aren't watching football or Fifth Harmony videos then you can guarantee I have something gaming related on the screen. I am trying my best to keep up with the channels I love and there are a variety of channels where I will watch everything whether it be the day they upload or when I get chance to catch up. So here are the channels I am currently loving.

I found Gemma's YouTube after following her on Twitter and reading her website. I absolutely love Gemma's retro game videos but I do need to start tuning into her live videos instead of just catching up on them. If you want to check out Gemma's videos for yourself then click here.

Now Trade Chat is a YouTuber that Liam got me into. If I remember rightly he started showing me her videos to try get me into World of Warcraft which to be honest worked a little bit, but I also fell in love with her unboxing videos and every month without fail I want to order a Loot Crate. I am yet to fully subscribe to WoW but I love watching the what's new in WoW videos which just give me an insight to what I will soon be subscribing too. If you are into WoW you can check out Trade Chat's channel here.

What's Good Games
I keep up to date with What's Good Games once they upload to YouTube, I wish I could support them on Patreon however at the moment that isn't an option, so I just have to watch them on YouTube at a little later date. I found out about the channel as I have followed Brittney for quite a while and always kept up to date on her videos. I absolutely love catching up on the girls Video podcasts and clips videos. If you want to check their channel out for yourself then click here.

This channel couldn't be anymore perfect in my eyes. Some of my favourite wrestlers playing some of my favourite games. I love catching up seeing different games on the channel being played by some of the best superstars on the roster at the moment. My favourites are when they are playing on WWE 2K18 or Madden. So far my favourite people to watch playing the games are Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Bayley. If you love the current superstars and gaming then check out UpUpDownDown here.

Can you recommend any channels for me to check out? Let me know in the comments or on any of the social media below.

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