Games Room Wishlist

We are finally a little bit closer to moving out. Which means we can properly start planning out rooms and buying things to fully furnish them. One room I can't wait to get up and running is our games room. Both me and Liam love gaming and it is one reason why we have bought a bigger house, just so we can have a gaming room. So here are just somethings I want to furnish that room with.

IKEA LAPPLAND TV storage unit Back panel is reinforced to hold a flat screen TV.

I love this TV unit from Ikea, it is a little expensive however it will be perfect for us. It has space for all our consoles and we will probably fill the rest with our Funko figures and some accessories. It will also fit the TV in nicely.
IKEA ADILS/LINNMON table A long table top makes it easy to create a workspace for two.
I really want a new a new desk and this one from Ikea is only £39.00. My current desk is pretty small and I am wanting to add an extra monitor to my set up so this will be a lot better for me. I am also hoping that I can convince Liam to get a matching one if we can. If this specific one wont fit where I need it to then I am going to get the one that is just a little bit smaller but should fit things easily. This space is one I will probably spend more time in as it will double up as my blogging space.
IKEA BILLY bookcase Adjustable shelves; adapt space between shelves according to your needs.
To store all our games I am thinking of getting a few book cases to go either side of the TV unit. These Ikea ones are quite cheap but I know from the past they are good quality. They also do hold quite a bit so we shouldn't need too many of them.

We are also hoping to get plenty of art prints for the walls in the room which will of course be gaming and film related. Gaming chairs are also on the list when we get settled as we both want new desk chairs and to top it off we are going to have a nice comfy sofa bed for us to sit on whilst we play on our consoles. 

I think a sneaky little extra for this wish list is going to be that Nintendo Switch I have been after for far too long.

Can you think of anything we could add to this room?

 See you soon
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