Week #15

The snow has driven me absolutely mad, it has been pretty deep up here and that really isn't good when you are short like me. I just want rid of it now as it means that I can finally get out and do a bit more shopping for the house and finally get my new glasses ordered. Once I get those I am hoping that I can spend a lot longer gaming.  We have also had good news with the house so we could end up moving very soon which we are super excited about. So here is what I have been up to lately, I have....

Been watching : The She Believes cup begun again this week and I am loving it. England, France, Germany and the USA take part in this week long tournament, so far I have watched England beat France 4-1, which I was not expecting at all. I have also got all caught up on the channels I watch on YouTube and have even watched a lot of Fifth Harmony videos on there.

Been playing : I have started with my playthrough of the campaign on Star Wars Battlefront 2 and so far I am finding it pretty good. However I have mainly been playing Fifa as I find it a game I can jump on and off when my eyes start to hurt.

Been reading : I have actually managed to read a little more of my Alex Morgan book and I have to admit I am actually enjoying reading again. 

Been listening to : The only thing I have listened all week is Fifth Harmony, I am honestly don't see that changing any time soon, I am hooked.

Bought : Thanks to the snow I haven't really been able to go shopping, although I did manage to get IT on DVD from Tesco and I am quite excited to watch it even though I am scared of anything like that.

Plans for next week : We are hopefully signing the contract for the house on Monday so next week is possibly going to getting things ready for moving and buying those essentials we are still to get. I am hoping to carry on getting new posts up daily as that is one of my March goals, to update daily.

What has your week been like?

 See you soon
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