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The games room is starting to take shape. The Xbox One and PS4 are in alongside a few figures. We also have our computers up and running with better internet than I had back at the parents. It is basically a fresh start for me and gaming as I will no longer have to lay in bed to game which ultimately led to me just falling asleep, I know have my own little gaming paradise in my eyes. Plus it is handy having Liam right next to me in case I end up stuck on a certain game. So here are a few things I am hoping to do now I have this little games room. 

The blog
In the room the space where my computer is has basically become my little blogging area. My internet runs perfectly over here so posts can go up super fast. I have a whiteboard up behind my monitor where I can keep track of games sent to review and keep a little schedule for me to follow. It is great to now have this little space. I will be adding more reviews to the blog as well as running different series. I also want to add more tech to it.

YouTube is always something I wanted to give a go, however when I was living at home the internet was no good plus it would be impossible to record with the family constantly in and out of my room. I have just downloaded OBS onto my PC and am currently looking at purchasing a mic to use to record. I am also in the process of planning out a possible series I could do to start off. It will be much easier to do this now as Liam works so many Saturdays a month plus I get home before him each night giving me time to record with no interruptions.

Similarly to what I said about YouTube I have held off on Twitch due to possible interruptions and bad internet, however I also held off on this due to confidence issues. But now I have better internet and no interruptions I could possibly give this a go. Even with Liam in the room I could stream and who knows I could even get him involved on occasions. I just need to work on the confidence and I should be good to go, I am hoping starting with YouTube may help me out a little. I am also wanting to get a second monitor for my PC just to make things a little easier when streaming. Currently I have just signed up to Player.me where I am looking at creating some overlays for the future when the Twitch channel is fully up and running.

As I type this I am looking at way to get more of a community together on Discord and make it better for those already apart of the server, so keep an eye on that by clicking the link at the bottom of this post and joining the server. I am hoping that in the next few months this will grow and keep growing.

I am constantly on Twitter and constantly keeping people updated on new posts and things that are going on, however I totally forget about my Facebook page and it gets seriously neglected. Just like the Discord I am hoping I can get this growing over time. I may even start a group to run along side the page where people can communicate if they don't have a discord etc. 

Yet another social media channel I totally neglect. 17th of March is the last time I posted on there but there is so much I could actually post. I want to aim to post daily, and also use it to promote new blog posts. I have set myself a little goal for Instagram, which I hope to reach by the end of the year.

I also hoping I can get Liam a little more involved with what I am doing, I want to try get him to join some YouTube videos and streams as I think it could be pretty fun. I am also thinking of asking him if he could do some of the admin side on Facebook and Discord for me so he can be a little involved and help me out just a little. I also want to try get him to write a few pieces for the blog in the future as he is really into his gaming and I feel he could really add something extra to the blog.

So there you have it that is what I am hoping to get done and I am honestly so excited for it and can't wait to get things moving. Is there anything you would like to see? Let me know on any of the social media below or in the comments.

 See you soon
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