Last Week #4

Last week was another which was far too warm. I just want it to cool down a little as the house is a sun trap. The games room is worse for it too so sitting in there is a nightmare. We managed to make a start on the dining room last week so soon we may not have to sit at our desks for every meal which will be great. We also started looking at getting a few more bits to add to the games room. So here is what I had....

Been watching : I haven't really started a new series since Riverdale so I have stuck to watching YouTube which has mainly consisted of Fifth Harmony and iJustine videos.

Been playing : since it has been too warm it has left me feeling a little unwell so I haven't spent much time gaming. However I have managed to fit some time on Fifa in.

Been reading : I have finally done it... after months I  finally finished Alex Morgan's book and it was amazing, I may even do a little review on here. 

Been listening to : Fifth Harmony had been on repeat again whilst getting jobs done but I have listened to a lot more Demi Lovato seen as I go see her this month.

Bought : Whilst moving I lost my power cable for my record player so Liam treated me to a new one. I also picked up the Halsey Hopeless Fountain Kingdom teal vinyl as this is one of my favourite albums. Liam got the first 2 series of DragonBall Z which no doubt I will end up stealing. I picked up a few bits for the house but they aren't very interesting just a clock and a few blankets. Finally I got Marvel vs Capcom, the version I picked up was £14.99 however as they couldn't find that version I ended up getting the Steelbook version at the same price.

Plans for this week : This week I want to get more posts up on here and definitely get more games played. I want to finish off the bonus episode of Before the Storm and start something new. 

Last weeks posts : Last Week #3, May 2018 Favourites

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon
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