Trying To Get Back To Reading


It is very rare I will actually be sat reading a book. I have started just putting the laptop on and heading over to YouTube and Twitter, which is quite a change as growing up I always had a book with me. We have decided against getting a TV for our bedroom in hopes that it will mean when I head to bed I will pick my book up and spend some time getting through my backlog of books. Our spare room is over flowing with books and I still have some round at my parents. 

In hopes of getting back into reading I have been easing myself back in with some football books, these have mainly been autobiographies of my favourite female players but I am actually flying through them, or at least to me it is flying through them. My next step is to move on to another love of mine and read any of the books I have that relate to games. As you can see in the image above these are mainly Assassins Creed and World of Warcraft books but these are some that I have had for quite a while and I really want to dive into them to see how they match up to the games. I also want to get complete collections of these books as for some reason I start buying them and always miss out on a few.

I am also hoping that I can start adding some book reviews to the site so keep your eye out for them. Can you recommend any books I may like?

See you soon,

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