Philips Runfree Wireless Bluetooth Sports Headphones

I am useless with headphones, the wires always end up breaking and I get left with just being able to use one side. It is actually becoming ridiculous the amount of pairs I am going through. With me heading back into the gym lately and walking to work I wanted to pick up a wireless pair of headphones suitable for both occasions. These Philips Runfree Wireless Bluetooth Sports headphones instantly caught my eye so a few months ago I picked them up. Here is what my impressions are so far...

Sound Quality
In the terms of the quality I get through these, I honestly can't fault them I find they provide crisp clear audio and are music better than the Jelly ones I had previously been using. I love a wide range of music so I can honestly say I have tested it with different styles and none have sounded tinny or let me down. They also block out quite a bit of outside noise too, in the gym they managed to block out the rubbish radio station allowing me to fully listen to my own music.

Ease of use
I needed something that was really easy to set up and continuously easy to use due to the fact that I will just pick them up before heading out the door to work or just throw them on for the gym. Once they are connected, which is done by simply pressing and holding the middle button on the volume control, they are done. They don't drop out during work outs and once my Bluetooth is turned back on for my phone they are automatically paired. The fact they are wireless means I don't have to worrying about any wires getting in my way. To turn them on just simply press the middle button and
 turn them off you just hold the middle button again for 5 seconds. 

Battery Life
The battery life of these really surprised me. I expected them to need charging constantly however, when used for just walking to work a single charge can last me a full week. I usually just charge them on a Sunday night before another full week working. If used for both walking to work and going to the gym I will just need to give them a quick charge mid week just to be on the safe side. To charge it you just plug it in via USB and you are good to go. 

Style / Fit
The wire fits nicely around my neck and still gives me easy access to the controls which is definitely a plus for me as it is out of the way but sometimes some songs are just a little louder than others so I need to quickly turn the music down. They come in a black and lime green colour combination and to be honest this was the only downside to me, just due to the fact I don't really like the colour green, I would much preferred an all black option or black and red. But to be honest I can get over the colour because of the quality. In terms of how they fit they are perfect, I have weird ears are sometimes earphones / headphones will just fall out but these sit perfectly and don't rub. If they don't fit they come with a few other moulds that you can switch to. So you are bound to get one comfortable fit.

These cost me £29.99 which for the quality I think I got myself a good deal. I would recommend picking these up if you are after a cheap pair for working out in as they won't break the bank. 

I honestly could have a full drawer full of headphones as I just love all the different varieties so much and love to change what I use. Can you recommend any new ones for me to try?

See you soon,

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