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 I am wanting to start adding more tech posts onto the blog which you will see in the next few weeks. So what better way to kick it of than with a little wish list. So here is what I am hoping to get my hands on.
I am constantly on a variety of devices whether it is my phone, iPod or a tablet. With me going out and about all the time I could really do with picking up a portable charger. You can get some pretty good portable chargers these days that are still pretty cheap. I need to look into these a bit more before purchasing though as I want one that is powerful and compatible for plenty of devices. I want a nice and compact one too so it is easy to transport.

I take a backpack everywhere with me and I have quite a few wires in there just in case anything dies. I often have a couple of USB sticks too for if I am out and working on the blog. The amount of times I have lost items is ridiculous so I am hoping to pick up one of these handy little accessory bags. It will be so good to have all my wires in one place and any memory cards etc as I am hopefully going to get back into my photography a little more. This will be perfect not only for in my bag but also for in my desk, as everything will be kept together for a change.
I am also hoping to pick up a hard drive so that I can finally back up what is on my PC such as any photographs I have and for when I finally start doing YouTube, it will just be handy to have everything backed up onto one single hard drive. You can pick up a 1TB hard drive these days for around £50 which should be more than enough for me. Plus if anything happens to my PC then at least I still have everything nice and safe. I love the colours these My Passport ones come in too.
To help me along with YouTube I am after this Blue Snowball microphone, I have seen good reviews about this one and it is pretty cheap retailing at around £49 here in the UK. It will fit nicely on the desk and hopefully it will provide good audio for future videos. I don't want to rely on the microphone on my headset so this could be a great addition to the set up.
Music is something I love. I always have music playing and it could be a variety of music, as my taste really does vary. My beats pill is quite old now and only works plugged in so I am on the look out for a new portable speaker. The ones I have been looking at the most is the JBL Flip 4 Bluetooth Portable Stereo Speaker. These look great and I am always on the look out for new brands to give a try. This would look great any where in the house or out in the garden when we get it done, plus with it being Bluetooth I can use a variety of devices with it. 

Finally the most expensive item on the wish list the Apple Air Pods. I have quite a few Apple items already but am jumping back in and hopefully picking up a new iPhone very soon. I wasn't keen on the Air Pods at first but the more I see them the more I want them. Especially with me heading back into the gym and walking to work. I get sick of untangling wire and them breaking far too easy. I am hoping to get my hands on a pair of these Air Pods and if I do keep an eye out for a review. 

So there you have it those are the tech items / accessorise I am hoping to pick up. Can you recommend any products I may like? Also keep an eye out for more tech posts coming very soon.

See you soon,

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