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These days I spend a lot more time on my Xbox over my PS4, mainly because I have Fifa 18 on the Xbox. However, I am trying my best to get through more games in my backlog and actually play more of a variety of games. Therefore I was really looking forward to see what the E3 conference for Xbox had to hold, who know how many of these games I am actually going to end up playing. Instead of doing the full conference I have picked out some of the games that really caught my eye....

Halo Infinite 
The quick showing of the upcoming Halo game Halo Infinite kicked off the show and I already can't wait to see more from this game. I was late in playing any Halo games at it wasn't until I was 16 I actually got an Xbox instead of my usual PlayStation, but I really can't wait to play all the Halo games properly.

Ori Will Of The Wisps

Another game I actually quite like the look of but to be completely honest I would have to have more of a look into this to see if I will be getting it or not.

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice
I thought this game actually looked quite good. It game me a bit of a Shadow of War / Assassins Creed vibe, although I aren't entirely sure why. But it is definitely going be a game I look more into and maybe see about getting.

Fallout 76
Now this game is a prequel to all previous games and is set in West Virginia, it is also said to be 4 times bigger than previous Fallout games. I know Liam is already considering pre-ordering this but I think I may just stick to watching him play or jumping on his copy of the game if I like the look of it.

The Awesome Adventures of Captain.
This is a free game set in the Life is Strange universe. To find out what I thought about this game check out yesterdays Square Enix post.

Crackdown 3
Being released in February 2019, this game is one that I really need to look into quite a bit more before possibly purchasing as I am still really unsure about it. One of the most appealing things for me is that it includes Terry Crews, I love that guy.

Nier automata
This is another game I mentioned during my previous show thoughts. I am unsure on getting it however, it is Xbox One X enhanced so for all of you with an X this could be a good thing, for me I am still waiting for an Xbox One X.

Metro Exodus
Again yet another game I have never played. Although from what I saw during E3 it could be something I am tempted by. Iam just going to wait and see what I think nearer release.

Kingdom hearts 3
Another one that you can read all about in yesterdays Square Enix post but I just really can't wait for this game.

Forza horizon 4
I usuaully hate driving games but this one really caught my eye. Set in Britain this is a shared open world game. It includes different season and weather which constantly changes, but the best part is everyone on the game experiences this at the same time. It is said to be an action packed game which you can play with the entire community, who knows I may actually make friends if I pick this up.

What I have been missing is a really good skateboarding game and it looks like Session may fill that void. I can't wait for this one at all and I know for sure that I will be getting this. Now I just need to wait for more details to come out about it.

Jump force
Anime and fighting games, my perfect combination. Liam actually asked me what my obsession with fighting games was an honestly I aren't too sure, I can just get lost in them for hours. So I was pretty impressed to see Jump Force announced, I just don't want to wait until  
2019 for the game to be released. From what we saw I absolutely loved the trailer and I can't wait to pick it up possibly on release day.

Check back to the rest of the weeks posts to see what I thought of EA and Square Enix, also keep an eye out for the next couple of posts.

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