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I have become hooked on Amazon, especially with Liam now having Amazon Prime and us doing up the house, trying making the games room look perfect. We have got to the stage we have a few deliveries a week but I know this could soon been changing. I have started putting together a wish list of items I am really wanting to get my hands on soon...

Spudz microfibre lens cloth £5.95

I have seen this on quite a few YouTube channels and it is always handy to have a lens cloth with you. I can use this for my phone, DS or tablet and actually keep them all clean for a change. It is also handy to have in the pouch as I loose things far too easily. When I get this it will definitely be going everywhere with me.

Logitech G502 £49.99

I was playing around with a Logitech mouse in PC World the other week and found it was the perfect size for my hands. So I decided I would take a look on Amazon and see what I came across. With me wanting a new PC I will probably end up upgrading my accessories too so this is top of the list for me to try. I might wait to see if it comes down in price first though.

 NXET headphone stand  £7.99

Between me and Liam and all the consoles we have, there are a lot of headsets in the games room. I have been trying to find a few decent stands for them for a while now, to go on top of our TV unit. I came across this one at £7.99 and for the price I want to give it a try, it is a universal aluminium one and if it does its job properly I will be getting one for each headset. 

Tracer Overwatch mug £10.49

I am obsessed with Overwatch specifically Tracer so I want this mug to add to my collection. We have so many mugs in the house now but not a single one is Tracer which needs to be changed, granted £10.49 is a little pricey but if it is what I need to pay to get a Tracer one I will definitely pay it.

 Bagsmart backpack laptop backpack £18.99

This bag is water resistant and only £18.99 what more could you ask for. It will also fit my laptop in along with a few other bits or a tablet and other tech bits. It looks very minimal and is in grey which seems to be a colour I am loving at the moment, you just have to look at the house to see that. This would be perfect for if I am out and about and wanting to take quite a few items with me. Plus I do love a good backpack. 

 Overwatch Toki Doki journal £7.83

£7.38 for a journal doesn't seem too bad at all, throw in Overwatch and it is even better. I love a good journal to write down any post ideas I have to pick this up. It just looks so cute and would be the perfect addition to my desk or my bag.
 Overwatch extended gaming mouse pad £9.98

I have been looking for an extended mouse pad for a while now, especially with me spending a lot more time sat at my PC and wanting to game more. The fact that the best one I seem to have found is Overwatch is just an added bonus. With me wanting to upgrade my set up this could definitely be worth while and isn't very pricey. 
Bagsmart accessories travel organiser 3 layer £18.99

With me having so many devices on the go and USB sticks etc I could use a way to store them as they are constantly going missing. This organiser has been on my list for a while now and at £18.99 I will be picking it up. It will be nice to go to one bag and just have everything there in its own spot. With 3 layers there is plenty of space for everything too. It is also handy to put in my bag if I ever went to any events.

So there you have it those are some gaming and tech items I am hoping to pick up. You just really can't beat Amazon.

See you soon,

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