Last Week #7

Last week included my birthday and the first party held at mine and Liam's. This meant all week we were running around getting bits for the party along with trying to get the house ready for people to visit. It was a lot of hard work but we eventually got it done. It was really nice just having family round and have a few drinks and food. Sunday was not only my birthday but it also marked 6th month since we got the house. I got to a stage where I thought things weren't taking place but when I have taken a step back and had a proper look we have got so much done and honestly there is only a few final touches needed to the rooms we have started, then the dressing room can be started on, hopefully this will all be done by Christmas. Then next year all we have to do is save for the bathroom, hallway and loft doing. It really is starting to feel like ours now. On my actual birthday we managed to get in a trip to Leeds, just me and Liam, it was brilliant we went to the sports bar for food and a drink and did a bit of shopping. So here is what I had...

Been Watching: I don't know what it is but this week I have got back into watching a bit of the Big Bang Theory. I have also watched a lot of Minecraft videos on YouTube once again.

Been reading : I finally completed my Under the lights and into the dark book. This book was amazing and really gives you more of an insight into the world of women's football. 

Been listening to : Hayley Kiyoko and Camila Cabello have been on repeat but for some reason so has One Direction.

Bought : I bought a lot of bits for my birthday party through out the week but also managed to treat myself to some Man City joggers and a new north face t-shirt.

Plans for this week : We have decided we are having a week off from decorating the house, mainly because we are at a stage where we are waiting on others as they are bigger jobs. Thanks to us having a week off I may be able to get more done for the blog, more reading done and most certainly a lot more gaming done. There is just so much I want to get through so now I have time to play them more it is perfect. I also want to try not spend money as I really need to save for my new PC.

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So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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