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When I was unpacking the boxes to go into the games room I realised I really do I have a problem. I have so many games I buy that I really want to play at the time but I never get around to playing them, mainly because as I go to install it another new game comes out. I have been pretty good recently and not added anymore games to my back log but I have so many to get through I probably won't add anything else for quite a while. We have the likes of Spiderman, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Life is Strange 2 and Assassins Creed Odyssey coming out very soon but I think I need to make myself a little promise once again... I can't buy any of those new games until I complete some others. I think I may have to do it where I complete 2/3 games before buying any of the others I really want. This should help me save some money and also reduce the backlog quite a bit. Finding time to get gaming done has been quite difficult recently with the house move but we are at a stage where nearly all the rooms are done for now which will free up plenty of time for me to just relax and game for a nice change. So here are some off the games I will be starting to help me shift this backlog and maybe start hunting for those achievements/ trophies which I have never really bothered with before .

Disneyland Adventure
This is a game I got for Christmas which I really really wanted but stupidly haven't even installed yet. It looks like such a fun laid back game that would be perfect for after those hard days at work. I love anything Disney so I am really looking forward to starting on this one.

Horizon Zero Dawn
I got this more or less when it was first released but again it has yet to be installed. I am actually really looking forward to putting in the hours and playing this one and I don't actually know why it has taken me so long to get it installed. It just looks beautiful and I have seen good things about it, so it will definitely be one of the games I get playing soon.

Destiny 2
A game I got just after Christmas as it had dropped down in price but I haven't started it yet. The first Destiny for me was hit and miss and I went through stages of playing it. I am looking forward to jumping onto this and even if it is just a game I play like I do with Fifa when I can't be bothered playing anything else. I just need to get some time in on it.

Uncharted Drakes Fortune
I have just unpacked the PS3 at long last so once it is all set up I think I will be jumping into the Uncharted series as it is one of those I haven't played before but have always been interested in. I just can't wait to get playing the PS3 again as it feels like so long since I last played it and in my opinion it was such a good console.

Lego Marvel Superheros 
Definitely the next game I play on the PS4, I actually did start this one ages ago but then other games got bought and this got put to one side. I am actually really looking forward to playing this as I loved it before and I absolutely love the Lego games. They are just so fun to play after long days plus I absolutely love Marvel.

So there you have it those are the games I am adding to my next to play pile, I am sure some of the games will be featured again as first impression posts and maybe even full reviews so keep your eyes out for those. I am just really hoping I can stick to this and clear some of my backlog over the next few months and also stick to not buying any new games until 2 or 3 are completed that I already own. 

See you soon,

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