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Something I want to do on here is a bit of a top 5 series. It could be anything from gaming to movies, streamers to tech. The little series will be either weekly or bi-weekly I am not 100% decided just yet however, to kick it all off I am going to dive straight in with my top 5 PS1 games.

The PS1 is the first console (not handheld) that I actually owned, I remember opening it one Christmas day not actually believing it was mine. I was already playing the Gameboy at this point but had my eye on a PS1 for a while, the parents finally caved and got me one. Absolutely ages was spent on the console and my Uncle liked it so much he actually picked up his own. So here are the top 5 I could spend ages playing.

Yu-Gi-Oh Forbidden Memories is actually one of the first games I got for the PS1. I was absolutely obsessed with Yu-Gi-Oh growing up (low key still upset my mum sold my whole collection at a car boot for £1) so this game was always going to be in the collection. I remember spending hours just battling away, this game actually took over from my Pokémon obsession for quite a while. To this day I still get tempted to pick up Yu-Gi-Oh cards and the old PS2 games whilst I am out and about who knows one day I may just get into it again and get lost in the games.

At one stage everything had to be Rugrats, I would be constantly watching it, birthdays and Christmas's consisted of anything Rugrats related such as soft toys especially Chuckie as he really was my favourite. As soon as I saw this game I knew I had to have it, I remember spending hours on this game as it wasn't exactly challenging which was perfect for me at the time, and it also incorporated all my favourite characters. With the Rugrats coming back they really should do more games to go with it.

It was inevitable that a rugby game was going to make this list. Believe it or not growing up I preferred rugby over football for quite a few years, which is clearly the opposite now. I spent a lot of time growing up either training or playing, even in the garden I had the rugby ball with me all the time. So when I got the Jonah Lomu game I was glued, even though I played league it is through this game I actually picked up a basic knowledge of the Union game. Jonah Lomu is one of the greatest players from the whole of Rugby Union and the game did him justice, plenty of time was spent with me either enjoying this on my own or with family members. It was one of the only games we actually played together. 

Of course Crash was going to be on this list. I loved this game no matter how frustrated I got with it I always found myself going back for more. When I got this game I was lucky enough to have my own little room in the house with my console and table football set up, granted it was my sisters as well but she was never bothered so I would go sit in that room for ages just determined to beat the levels. Obviously this meant when the game came out on the PS4 I had to pick it up, but I definitely found it much harder than when I was a kid so I am nowhere near as far as I should be as tend to just give up these days.

Now Beyblade was something that was on a par with my Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh collections, I had quite a few stadiums and countless actual Beyblades which I would sit and play with for ages, I even got my sister to play with them for a bit. The best part about the game was you could have all the fun of playing Beyblade without the actual pain of physically playing with them, the amount of cut up fingers I suffered from the game was unbelievable but if I played on the PS1 I could happily play this game with no pain what so ever. I spent hours and hours on this game and really enjoyed it but another reason I will always remember it for is the fact me and my sister where sat playing this one day when we heard a massive bang and the TV went black, the TV had actually blown up. That time between the TV blowing up and getting a new one was an absolute nightmare as I absolutely loved just sitting and playing on the games.

So there you have it those are my top 5 PS1 games, with the upcoming release of the mini PlayStation classic console I am looking forward to picking one up and playing some of the games I really loved. I doubt any of these games will be on there but the PS1 really did have some brilliant games to give a go now I am older.

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