November 2018 Favourites

Where has November gone? One minute it is Halloween the next I am getting the advent calendars ready for the 1st December. November has been a pretty good month (even with how fast it has gone), I have had plenty of family time, got more done in the house and even went to my first England women's football match. It has also been a month of relaxing as most jobs in the house are done so I am spending weekends in now instead of shopping and generally just enjoying our games room. So here are some of my favourite things from the month of November...

Film wise I haven't watched any as I have spent 90% of my TV time watching YouTube, when I have been watching Netflix though it has been Making A Murderer which is just so good, it really has me hooked. I have also just finished Jack Whitehall, Travels with my father which is absolutely brilliant. I don't remember the last time I watched a show and laughed so much, I even got my little sister watching it.

In terms of music this month it has been a case of rediscovering old favourites. My walks to work have been filled with Tegan and Sara who after all these years I just can't get enough of. When I am getting ready I always have Halsey playing away in the background, I am in love with Hopeless Fountain Kingdom still but her new song Without You is absolutely brilliant.
I finally got a 2nd monitor for the PC this month which has been great, I can now game and watch YouTube or even keep track on my Twitter, I didn't realise just how good it would be. We also picked up the Phillips Hue starter pack on some early black Friday deals, it is brilliant, we can sit at the football and turn the light on ready for when we get in and we can easily change the colours whenever we like. I have noticed I can game longer with these lights as they are a much softer tone, they make the room look great too.

Can I really add the Switch when I have only had it for one night? Of course I can I am loving it, we have waited so long for one now I just can't wait to get playing it more. Just after one night I am loving the console, so lets see if it makes it into next month's favourites too. Along with the Switch Liam picked up a copy of Pokémon Lets Go Pikachu which I am already in love with because how cute is Pikachu, I won't go into this too much though as I want to do a full post about this. Of course Fifa 19 is on my favourites list for this month, it really has been my go to game, I have started a Champions League campaign which I am really enjoying, I am also playing a bit more Ultimate Team. My gaming PC has also been a favourite as it has meant I can finally play Overwatch again, I won't go into it too much as again I want to do a separate post on this, but it really has been great having it.

November really has been a good month and has brought some great opportunities to me, now lets see what December brings.

See you soon,

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