FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #3

Another week with not a lot of FIFA playing time, mainly due to actually playing some other games for a change. However, I did manage to get a couple of games in and ended up gaining Bronze 1 rank, which left me with 800 coins and 2 gold packs. The coins definitely came in handy as I had used a fair few on the Team of the year packs. So here is what else I got.

Algagheband, Militaru and architect where sent straight to quick sell as I get far too many of these cards each week so I really didn't need them. I also got Carlitos who is a Spanish striker who will be a perfect spare for my team as I have quite a lot of Spanish players in it already.  I also got Altidore who is another striker but this one is American which would make for a good partnership with Dom Dwyer who is a regular in my team. The other 3 players I got are Canales yet another Spanish player who could be a great substitute for me, I also pack Ronnow who is a Danish keeper I have quite a few keepers but will be keeping this one as he is a bit better than a few others. The final player I packed was Ivi, a left midfield who is once again Spanish so one definitely been kept. I have a lack of left midfielders so he really is the perfect addition.

All the cards in the image were placed in quick sell as I already have far too many of each of them, for some reason it is all I ever seem to get in these packs.

All these cards got kept as you can never have too many contracts for your players, I always forget to check when contracts are up so these come in really handy. Same goes for the manager he is one I overlook far too much. I have found the player fitness cards are always good to have just in case a player you really love playing who is struggling a bit. 

I also ended up with a Helander dupe which was sold straight away as there is no way I need 2 of him. The badge, kit and stadium were also quickly sold as again I have far too many of those already.

So there you have it those were my rewards this week.

See you soon,

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