Last Week #16

I finally feel human again, and it is absolutely brilliant. I can now go back to what I enjoy and actually get my ideas moving instead of laying in bed with no energy to move. I am glad I have felt better as my Saturday was spent setting up my sisters baby shower and then actually attending it. It was so nice being around family and family friends. Unfortunately it meant gaming had to be put on hold however, I made up for this Saturday night with 3 hours spent playing one of my new favourite games.  So here is what I had... 

Been Watching: I caught up on a few YouTubers I enjoy watching however, other than that the main thing I watched was Taylor Swifts Reputation Stadium Tour over on Netflix and it is absolutely fantastic.

Been reading : Reading was replaced by gaming last week and I loved it.

Been Playing: I obviously had a good few games of FIFA as I am still loving Ultimate Team, although nearly all my gaming time last week was spent on Detroit Becoming Human, I must be so close to finishing it now but I won't say too much on this as I have a post coming up when it is completed. 

Been listening to : Thanks to Netflix I have been absolutely hooked on Taylor Swift again, so when I haven't been playing Detroit I have had Taylor playing away.

Bought : I got a few bits from the Nike Outlet on a recent visit but other than that I managed to finally get Call of Duty Black Ops 4, I can't wait to get playing it.

Plans for this week : I want to go to the gym 3 times this week and try keep myself awake longer on a night so I can get plenty of gaming done. I want to learn to manage my time better by getting housework done along with blog work. I want to get all my posts sorted for the rest of the month as my ideas are there and just need putting down. Hopefully I also get Detroit finished off.

So there you have it that was my week. What have you guys been up to?

See you soon,

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