What I am Currently Playing March 2019

Finally my love for gaming is returning slowly but surely. Recently I have had such a lack of motivation that I had been going home from work at 5pm and crawling straight to bed, doing nothing for the rest of the night. But since Sunday I have finally got a little bit of the gaming bug back and have been heading into the games room a lot more. Here is what I have currently been playing.

You may have seen in my Backlog to clear post I was hoping to get through the campaign in Titanfall 2. I have made a start on this although I am nowhere near finishing it I am enjoying it so far. I wouldn't normally aim to complete a campaign on a game like this but I am not giving up on this I am enjoying it so much. I am hoping to get through another chunk of this throughout this week before I switch back to the PS4 for a bit. Who knows by the beginning of April I may have actually ticked this game off the list.

I have also jumped straight back into FIFA and I have definitely missed it a lot more than I expected. I have restarted the journey and have also been building up my Ultimate Team, which needs a lot of work still. FIFA is that game for me which I will forever go back to as I just never get bored of it. I think this is one of the games I will be playing the most of next week.

So those are the games I have been playing to date however, with my operation on Monday we are bringing the PS4 downstairs so I can game away all week. I am thinking about trying to get through as much of the Kingdom Hearts series & Horizon Zero Dawn as I can within that week. Obviously FIFA will be played daily too.

See you soon

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