FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #7

Remember last week when I said I wouldn't get another bronze 2 rank in squad battles and that I would get higher? Well it didn't happen. Even though I had the week off I was too wiped out to game plus I just couldn't get comfy. However, I did manage to get one game in which lead me to bronze 2. So here is what I got in my gold pack rewards.

I played the Billie Eilish match and won so one reward was that kit, it is actually a pretty nice kit so I will be keeping it just in case I fancy a change.

Onto the pack I go Pekarik who thanks to him being a RB is being kept, I don't have many RB in my club at the moment. Chester is also staying as I have Williams as a CB too and that CB partnership could work out well if needed. Leko is gone though as I have far too many managers plus I got Klopp at the moment, what more could I need. Squad fitness was of course kept as they always come in handy.

In terms of both league cards they have gone as they just don't fit. Player contracts once again are being kept as I am forever needing these. Contracts just don't seem to last 2 minutes. 

It is the same case for the player fitness as it is for the contracts I seem to fly through these but they are definitely really handy as I have a set starting 11 so keeping their fitness levels up is key. I am also glad I got the knee card too as I have noticed lately that when players are getting injured it seems to be knee injuries, anything that protects my starting 11 is very welcome.

And of course I got a duplicate, Bojan is actually a player who I play quite regularly as he is the perfect fit in my team, he got quick sold on this occasion just to get ride.

So there you have it that is what I packed. What did you pack this week?

See you soon 

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