FUT Squad Battle Rewards Week #8

Well it has been a long time since I actually picked up a controller and played a game. In fact the last time I played was mid April. This has just been due to having so many other jobs to do in and around the house and spending time with family. We haven't even set up the PS4 in the games room again yet as we haven't had time. 

When I did play last though of course it was FIFA I played, granted I didn't play much but I got to bronze 1 where I gained 800 coins and 2 gold packs and here is what I got from those packs. 

I wasn't too keen on my first pack at first glance but Forster could work well for me as I have a few English players I have been wanting to use. I also kept Criscito as I am definitely short on left backs.
Beauvue and Manta were both quick sold as they aren't needed at the moment I have plenty of strikers and plenty of managers already.

In terms of this lot  I kept the contracts as again they come in extremely handy along with the glove as I can always use help improving my keepers stat and getting a better performance out of the game. Jenkins was gone straight away as I have too many of this type of card.

The contracts and player fitness card was also kept from this lot as once again they are very handy to keep a hold of. The Cagliari kit was gone straight away though as I love the kits I already have and there is no point having too many.

In terms of my second pack I kept all the cards from the image above as they will all help me in one way or another and I can work them into teams and get the most out of them.

Again all these cards were kept as they are far too handy to get rid of especially when playing the same players game after game (I need to learn to rotate the team a little more).

The only thing that got kept out of the above image was the coins, as I said before I definitely don't need any more kits and I aren't too bothered about stadiums either, although if it is a stadium I really like I will be keeping it, sorry StubHub center you don't make the cut this year.

I am quite pleased that out of the 2 packs I only got 1 duplicate but again I couldn't be bothered listing this on the transfer market so I quick sold once again.

I can't wait to get playing again once it is all set back up and working towards a better team, I may even put some money into the game and see if I can get any TOTS cards. So keep an eye out for these posts once again as they are now back, I will also be sure to put together a post on my current team but I can assure you it isn't anything spectacular. 

See you soon 

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