Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled First Impressions (ADGifted)

This post contains some press sample items gifted to me by Numskull, all opinions are my own. 

So I managed to pick up a copy of Crash Team Racing on released day which conveniently landed on my pay day. This was a game I was looking forward to picking up since the second I heard it was being released as Crash is one of my all time favourite franchises and I used to put so many hours into the games, although I still have to play through a lot of the N Sane Trilogy as the difficulty just kept frustrating me. 

We picked up CTR on the Switch so me and Liam can play together anywhere along with playing alone anywhere. We thought it would be perfect for if we have any parties too (if anyone wants to be our friend and have gaming nights that is) as we can just hook it up and play for hours. But thanks to the football been on so much I have only managed to play single player so far. Some races have taken place when I have just been relaxing and others have been a quick race before or after the football or even sat waiting for half time to be over. 

I thought I may get a little bored playing on my own in the adventure mode but honestly it has been fantastic and I still aren't fed up yet. Each race is something different and thanks to me been absolutely useless at driving games it is really lasting me a long time. Sometimes I get fed up of racing games really easy due to losing all the time but with this I find myself actually wanting to play more and more to beat my scores and actually come 1st to unlock the next races. 

I was worried that the graphics wouldn't look as good with it been on the Switch but they have been fantastic so far and the controls of the game have been really easy to use even for someone as useless as me. 

The N Sane trilogy is definitely more difficult than I remember from being a kid and CTR is just as bad but I keep carrying on with it. I have found myself losing out to Coco far too many times but it gives me even more satisfaction when I finally beat her. I am currently on the medium difficulty and definitely won't be changing it anytime soon medium is difficult enough for me I think. 

This is definitely a game I can see myself playing for a long time even once I complete the adventure mode as it is really fun and not that repetitive so far. Plus I can't wait to try out the other features of the game.

To go along side the release I was kindly gifted some merchandise from Numskull which they have released to go along side the game and WOW I am impressed. I was lucky enough to receive the snapback, metal badge mug, trophy keychain & the eat the road and the crash cove t-shirt's. All the merchandise is really affordable and great quality and fits perfectly to the theme of the game. I actually have my eye on the incense burner, power slide hoodie and air freshener to add to my collection as everything just looks fantastic. I can't wait for the back garden finishing so I can sit outside playing the game in my crash t-shirt and hat drinking out of my crash mug, I just love it that much. I will be doing a full post on the merchandise very soon but in the meantime why don't you check out the range yourselves over on the Numskull site - just click here.  They do stuff for plenty of other games too such as Spyro, Resident Evil and Star Wars (a post about some Star Wars bits is also in the works)  

I think you will be seeing a lot of these Crash items in the future especially over on my Instagram, so if you don't follow me already why not go give me a follow today to keep up to date with what I am up to day to day. 

Keep checking back as I will be doing a full review of the game once I actually complete the game, if the Switch hasn't been thrown out of the window before then.

*Merchandise items were kindly gifted to me by Numskull, all opinions are my own.

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