July 2019 Goals

The world cup finishes on Sunday which means I will finally get my weekends and evenings back, which has made me sit and think about all the things I want to achieve throughout the month of July. I really want to be a lot more productive with my time and finish off things I just haven't got around to doing yet. So here are some of my goals for the month...

Film / TV
I know it may seem a bit strange that I have film and TV goals but thanks to the football and YouTube consuming my time recently I have series unfinished for TV shows and films still sat in their cellophane packaging. So this month I want to finish series 1 of One Tree Hill & get all up to date with Riverdale as my sister is desperate to take about it with me. 
I also want to try watch at least 3 films I own but haven't seen yet.

Gaming has barely been happening so I really want to sit and play some games most nights and fall back in love with it. I also want to try finish off a couple of games throughout the month, the main 3 I want to finish are South Park, Titanfall 2 and Crash Team Racing. If  I can complete these 3 I will be over the moon especially as I have been away from South Park and Titanfall 2 for so long.

Now this is the big one for me, I really have been slacking with this blog with my main focus being on my football but I want to manage my time better and put an equal amount of effort into this one. It will mean I am planning more posts way in advance so if there is anything you really want to see please let me know. I also want to bring back my interview series and put more time into that. So get ready there should be plenty more posts coming to you. I am hoping this month I can get at least 2 posts up a week and improve on last months views.

We are still working on the house and trying to get rooms finished or even started on been decorated so in July I am hoping our spare room can finally be on its way to being completed, that way we can have people stay over if we really want to, plus I can actually have my little dressing room. I want to get to the gym at least twice a week too as I am determined to get my fitness back and lose this weight.

So there you have it those are my goals for July what are you hoping to achieve?

See you soon,

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