August 2019 Goals

Remember last month when I said I was doing a monthly goals post well here is a list of those goals for July and if I managed them or not...

Finish series 1 of One Tree Hill - Well this didn't happen, in fact the boxset hasn't moved at all lately. 
Catch up on Riverdale - The only thing I have actually watched on Netflix lately is the new series of Orange is the new black, so Riverdale has still to be watched.
Watch 3 films I own but haven't seen yet - YouTube has been watched more often than not in July so unfortunately I hadn't actually watched any films either but I do really need to.
Finish South Park Fractured But Whole - Well thanks to my Xbox this hadn't happened, the stupid thing kept crashing then not reading disks until the last day of the month when we finally got around to sorting the issue out. 
Finish Titanfall 2 - Again this didn't happen thanks to the issues with the Xbox and I am actually quite gutted as I was really looking forward to playing this.
Finish Crash Team Racing - This may have been possible if I stopped getting so stressed with levels but with the amount of breaks I am having to take from it means it is lasting me.
Plan more posts for the blog in advance - I was absolutely wiped out in July and this was thanks to me going to plenty of events and the gym. So the fact my nights were spent elsewhere and my days were filled with work not much planning went on.
Bring back my interview series - It is in the works, I just need to sit down and get all the questions sorted out.
Get at least 2 posts up a week - Well thanks to me being busy and a lack of planning this barely happened too.
Do more work on the spare room - We spent a few days working on the room but there is still a lot to do.
Get back to the gym at least twice a week - For the final few week or so we did this which felt great.

So after doing absolutely terrible with last months goals, here are my goals for August...

Film / TV
I finally want to watch at least 3 of the films like I said I would last month. I also want to try watch a new series, yes I know I haven't finished the others but I really want to watch Manifest so if  I can start that I will be happy. But before I do that I want to finish Orange is the new black.

As long as the Xbox stays working this is going to be similar to last month as I still want to complete Titanfall 2 and South Park. But along side that I want to try complete 1 game from my steam library as I have been neglecting it. 

I will get posting on here more throughout August and I finally have the ideas for posts. Alongside that I get my new chair so I can sit at my PC longer as I will be comfier meaning I can blog for longer. I will definitely have at least 1 interview up this month too and I can't wait to get back on with them.

This month we will definitely get all the wallpaper stripped off the walls in the spare room but most importantly I am aiming to get the decking finished in the back garden ready for my birthday in September. It is so nice seeing how everything is finally coming together.

So there you have it those are my goals for August what are you hoping to achieve?

See you soon,

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