FIFA 20 Pack Opening #1

Finally I have made it back into the games room, which has finally meant I can get back on FIFA 20 and play it properly. Unfortunately I haven't managed to play as much of the game as I would have liked to at this stage but when I logged back into the game, once it had finally updated I had a couple of packs waiting for me. 

The first pack didn't really give me much in terms of players as I only kept Kalinic, to be honest he wont even really fit my team and I only really kept him due to him being a Roma player. everything else in the pack was also kept as I found out last season just how important the contract & fitness cards were. 

My second pack had a few more items in but again there weren't many cards I kept. Out of the players the only one I kept was Maupay as I have a team with quite a few French players and premier league players in. A lot of them seem to be Brighton players too so it is making that chemistry a lot better for my squad. Of course all the player contact cards were kept too.

Also from that pack I kept the powerhouse card and the West Ham away kit. The coins were also redeemed but that was about it.

Overall I aren't too happy with these packs as they aren't really going to benefit me in a massive way plus for the cards I got rid of I didn't exactly get many coins back out of it either. 

I am really happy to be back playing the game and I am really happy to be back doing these posts too. Lets hope I can stick to them becoming a weekly feature again as I am planning on playing quite a lot of FIFA again now the games room is back.

See you soon

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