Where Have I Been

2019 was a very slow year for this blog with me coming and going but this year I am hoping I can invest a lot more time into it. The beginning of last year saw my nephew being born and not long after I was in for my operation so my time was spent with him and recovering. Then in the Summer it was the women's world cup so for one whole month it was none stop football for me as I watched nearly every game.  Along with this I was going on family days out, still working 8-5 as well as keeping my fashion & lifestyle blog going. It also didn't help that I decided to start a football blog towards the back end of the year so everything was full steam ahead.

It also hasn't helped that since November I haven't been able to get to my consoles or my PC to do any gaming, this was due to the games room becoming a dumping ground whilst we get the bathroom and spare room done. There a boxes all over the place and a sofa bed just waiting to be moved.

But all that is now slowly coming to an end and we are so close to being able to go into the games room have a good clean and get gaming again. So where does that leave the blog? Well I want to be more organised this year meaning more posts. I want to change a few bits up on here by getting rid of a category or even a few as well as adding more gaming & tech content in fact I am in the process of doing some posts already.

So keep your eyes on this blog to see the changes & updates and if you have any suggestions for posts please let me know or here, Discord or Twitter. I would love to hear from you.

See you soon

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